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Tailored Media Workshops

Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists conducts dynamic full and half-day media management workshops designed to accommodate your specific needs. We bring these immersive training sessions to your office or a location of your choice, making it convenient and accessible.

During our workshops, participants experience a comprehensive curriculum covering:

Media Understanding

A deep dive into the world of media, its nuances, and its impact.

Strategic Media Interview Planning

Participants learn how to define their organisation’s objectives in the public eye and craft effective key messages.

Media Interview Performance

Including intensive interview practice, enabling participants to sharpen their skills and confidence.

Managing Controversy and Media Scrutiny

Equipping participants with the strategies to navigate difficult issues and close media scrutiny.

Every workshop is meticulously tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Our goal is to provide real-world experience, so participants engage in interviews that simulate situations they may encounter. Additionally, we dissect relevant media clips to help participants identify the critical elements of a successful interview.

Through these workshops, participants gain:

Effective Interview Preparation Techniques

Equipping them to confidently face media interactions.

Enhanced Confidence

Enabling them to handle media interactions in any circumstance.

Interview Control Mastery

Empowering them to take the reins during interviews, even under pressure.

Problem-Solving Skills

Preparing them to tackle challenging media scenarios with finesse.

What sets our program apart is the enduring support we offer. In the three months following each workshop, participants have the opportunity to reach out to our experts for guidance on any media issues that may arise during that time.

We recommend a group size of 6-8 participants to ensure a personalised and impactful learning experience.

Immersive Training Sessions

Join us in these workshops, and watch your team gain the skills and confidence needed to excel in media management.

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With over two decades of experience across the communication discipline, you can trust Talkforce Media and Communication Strategists with your brand and reputation.

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We empower individuals and organisations to tailor their training experience to their unique needs.