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Public Relations and Media Management 

Tailored Media & PR Solutions

At Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists, we bring substantial expertise to the table in assisting organisations in crafting and executing comprehensive PR and media management plans, especially during high-pressure situations or crises.

Our approach is designed to alleviate the burden on you and your staff, ensuring they can focus on their core responsibilities.

Our services include:

Ongoing Executive Advice

We provide continuous guidance to senior executives, helping them navigate the complex landscape of media and communication.

Key Message Development

Collaborating with your staff to create key messages tailored to specific issues likely to attract media attention, ensuring clarity and consistency in your messaging.

Media release preparation

We draft, clear and distribute media release materials on your behalf and manage the ensuing interaction with the media, to secure you coverage.

Spokesperson briefing

We conduct one-on-one interview briefings with your spokespeople, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed to excel in major announcements or events.

Media Liaison

Our experts adeptly manage incoming interactions with the media, ensuring a smooth and professional exchange that promotes your organisation’s interests.

Furthermore, we offer end-to-end management of your organisation’s media and communication needs, allowing you to offload this responsibility and focus on your core objectives.

With Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists by your side, you can entrust us to shoulder the media and communication responsibilities, allowing your staff to focus on their core roles without the added pressure.

Our comprehensive services encompass:

Strategic Opportunities

We identify and recommend strategic media and communication opportunities that align with your objectives.

Communication Strategy Development

Crafting communication strategies for major announcements, changes in operational practices, and ongoing reputation and profile building, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

Press Release Expertise

We handle the development and distribution of press releases, ensuring your news is conveyed in a compelling and newsworthy manner.

Media Article Creation

Our skilled team is adept at crafting media articles that captivate and inform your target audience.

Your Strategic Partner

We are your strategic partner, enabling you to navigate the ever-evolving media landscape with confidence and expertise.

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At Talkforce Media and Communication Strategists, our mission is to equip you with the essential skills and support needed to effectively share your achievements with the world, adeptly manage challenges when they arise, and ultimately enhance your public profile and reputation.

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With over two decades of experience across the communication discipline, you can trust Talkforce Media and Communication Strategists with your brand and reputation.