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The Snow Foundation and the Snow Medical Research Foundation

Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists Support the Snow family With PR and Project Advocacy.

Talkforce Media and Communictations Strategists works with the Snow Foundation and the Snow Medical Research Foundation to provide communication, advocacy and media strategy and advice for a number of projects funded and supported by the two Foundation.

One such project is a broad national campaign to stop rheumatic heart disease impacting Aboriginal and Torres Strait communities in Australia. Another is the drive to increased gender equality across academic research organisations.

This ongoing work includes:

  • Strategic media planning and advice
  • Advocacy planning and government relations
  • The development of communication content, including media releases, social media content, letters, fact sheets, ministerial briefs, etc
  • The direct management of media, including pitching and media liaison
  • The development of associated content for digital platforms
  • Facilitation of planning days and other matters as required

This ongoing activity has resulted in a significant increase in the media profile for the Snow Foundation as well as the Snow Medical Research Foundation. This includes front-page stories in the Australian Financial Review, major national coverage on the ABC, in the Australian, and a large boost in coverage in the Snow Foundation’s hometown of Canberra.

“Talkforce Media and Communications Strategists has become a trusted and long-term adviser to us, and we value their professional and considered advice and work.”

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