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Simon Kinsmore

Principal Consultant

For ten years, Simon Kinsmore led media and communications for ACT Policing and the Australian Federal Police, mastering the art of strategic communication in this dynamic media landscape. His impact was twofold—shaping essential social media policies and optimising the flow of critical police messages and community engagement.

Simon is now a seasoned training exponent and our crisis communication expert.

As he transitioned to AFP National, Simon continued to drive media success by offering strategic counsel, steering media strategy, crafting compelling marketing campaigns, and delving into the world of social media initiatives. His influence extended beyond borders as he accompanied the AFP executive on high-stakes global media engagements.

Simon’s expertise took the forefront at the National Bushfire Recovery Taskforce, where he led media activities following the devastating ‘Black Summer’ bushfires.

Simon’s decade-long tenure in the ACT Government was a saga of innovation and influence. He left an indelible mark through a brand review, the introduction of groundbreaking social media activities, and the orchestration of successful marketing campaigns.

For over a decade, Simon played a pivotal role in the Public Information Sub Committee within the Australia and New Zealand Counter Terrorism Committee, imparting his expertise in crisis media training, which echoed across states and territories, enhancing preparedness and communication during challenging times.

Simon also lent his media acumen as a trusted media adviser to ACT and Federal government cabinet ministers. Simon Kinsmore’s story is one of unwavering dedication in the realm of media and communications, establishing him as a standout expert in the field.

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